the boobie greed is real…

Before my BA my biggest worry was going too big/ going too small. Initially in my first consultation i went in and said to the nurse, i want to be a full C, no bigger. And her words were, “no definitely a D at least” which at the time absolutely terrified me as a D cup sounded massive to me… little did i know eh ;)… anyhoo… i tried a 325cc sizer on and shock horror… it wasnt mahoosive.

The 325 sizer looked great, i was super happy. Then i came home and thought, hmmm… i want to go bigger… i spoke to my clinic and they said to let the Surgeon know at my next consultation… i did… i bumped it up to 350… then, if you read my blog you will know… i went to a last minute consultation 5 days before to try bigger sizers, and i bumped it up again last minute in my hospital room to 375cc. 

Now, at the time i remember saying to my PS… i don’t want to be too big… which looking back now was a silly worry because they aren’t too big at all. I mean, i would say i have big boobs, but not huge. And i wish i had gone bigger. 

Something that’s been playing on my mind a lot lately. 

I wish i had gone bigger. To 425cc. I seriously doubt i would have gone any bigger than 450. I dunno i just wish my boobs were a bit closer together, and i know thats down to my structure before my BA, my boobs were obviously already wider set then, but i never noticed because i didn’t have any haha. I just feel that if i had gone for bigger implants, they would obviously have been a little wider, not much just a little, and thus making them closer together.

I have seriously considered getting them redone after a year, but obviously as i got a part loan out, i would want to pay my loan off first, and then save up for my next one. I know i will definitely upgrade them at some point in my life, but probably not any time soon. I want to give it at least 2 years, so i can pay my loan off, and maybe save up for my next one in this time. I know people will look at me and say but you’re a 30FF, you don’t need to go any bigger, but what people don’t understand is that they don’t look like a FF at all. They don’t look bigger than a D in tight clothing, and in loose clothing you would think i was probably a C. Which for some people is great, but for me, i guess i just thought they’d be a bit more noticeable… and a little closer together. I think if they were closer the size wouldn’t bother me as much, but for me personally to see a bit of cleavage, i have to wear a push up… which is what i wanted to stay away from after my BA, and was the whole reason i got it in the first place. I mean don’t get me wrong, they are a great size for me, and BF and all my family say i don’t need to go bigger, but i just feel like they don’t look exactly how i wanted them to look. 

But hey… who knows… they’re still dropping and they might drop and look perfect in a years time. But for now anyway… i’m trying to steer clear of looking at photos of other peoples BA’s… the boobie greed is REAL. 😦 


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