2 thoughts on “A few photos of the girls in my birthday dress :)

  1. misstaylorp says:

    You look smokin! I couldn’t find anything on your before size but I saw the size of your implants. What were you before? I’m really hoping for a DD… which sounds huge to me but I know booby greed will set in so I might as well go big or not do it at all lol.

    • reefy22 says:

      Aw thank you so much! i have a picture here https://boobjobjourney.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/a-better-pre-op-photo/ or i am reefybaby21 if you want to search me on JBI, if you’re a member send me a FR 🙂 i’ve got proper photos on there! I’ve updated that more than my blog as it’s a bit more private! I was an A cup before, but now i’m a FF haha. Which sound massive, but its really not and i wish i had gone bigger ha! Yes booby greed is real, i am totally feeling it right now!! Better to go bigger than wish you had like me!! What size you thinking of cc wise?

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