I’m experiencing an odd feeling…

Sooooo…  in my last update i explained how nothing really changed and my boobs felt great, very normal… nothing to report.

Well.. the past few days i’ve had a strange feeling in my right breast. Bloody righty, it has been the problem child right from the start and now it seems its determined to reer its problemmy head once more.

The only way i can describe the feeling is that it feels a bit like when i push the implant like up or down or side to side, it feels like that, pretty much all the time.  It’s very bizzarre. It also kind of feels like when i had air bubbles, it’s not painful it’s just annoying and a bit uncomfortable at times.

I don’t always notice it, and it’s only been since last wednesday/thursday, so 5/6 days?  But of course the worrier in me is jumping to all sorts of terrible conclusions… rupture, pocket damage, bottoming out, and the dreaded capsular contracture. It’s highly unlikely that it is any of these things, other than maybe the CC, but i cannot wait for it to either leave, or if it continues, ask Dr Sleitr about it next monday, honestly the man is going to be bombarded with questions from me :’)


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