Today i’m feeling super cheery, so thought i would blog!! 

Boobie Update:
The twins are doing great, i always feel like they’re my children when i say the twins but i guess they kind of are haha!! Right is still slightly bigger than my left, but i’m thinking that is just purely genetic, because there was only a 0.5cm difference between my boobs, it was pointless to put two different sizes in each one! And having carefully studied my pre BA photgraphs on my phone, the right boob was slightly bigger. And really it’s not noticeable, only to me, nobody else notices it unless i point it out, which i must stop haha!! So i’m starting to just accept it, as it isn’t huge and i don’t think it will bug me forever! 

I have my 3rd post-op tomorrow which is exciting, wondering if i will get told to massage then as nothing was mentioned at my last appointment a week out, but i was still pretty sore and swollen then so that’s probably why!! 

I can sleep on my side!!!! FINALLY!! I am not a back sleeper, at all, never have been, so for me to have to sleep on my back was torture, combine that with the pain i was in, double torture!! And even though at 1 week post op she said i could side sleep as long as i had lots of pillows and it was comfortable, it wasn’t haha. I kind of tried to convince myself i was side sleeping, by sleeping with my hips on the side and my chest facing the ceiling, but it wasn’t comfy, and now i can actually side sleep. Granted i have to have a LOT of cushions, two pillows for my head, one under my right side boob, one on top of my arms like against my chest (comfort thing), two along the back of me, i think these are more for cosyness now haha, but thats my set up, and it works so far! I’ve slept great the past few days i’ve been doing this!! I stayed in a hotel on Valentines and there was nowhere near as many pillows, and i couldn’t sleep properly so i am convinced the mass of pillows is helping haha!! Like sleeping in a cloud! 🙂

Ummmm, what else is there… ooh… incisions!! My incisions are looking great. I mean as far as i can tell, im no surgeon, but they’re small, always have been tiny, and the stitches are fully dissolved now so it just looks like two bits of skin melting together, gross but thats how its looking so far!! They’re a lot more hidden than they were to begin with! If you have me on JBI you will know that from my photographs!! I always feel like i’m not making much progress but compared to the photos i took a few days after my op i’m progressing really well! And loving my boobs more every day!! 

Bras! I am still in my sports bra, will be for another 3 weeks as my PS advises 6 weeks post op without underwire, which im fine with. I tried on my gift off my best friends from VS the other night, and it has underwire, and it felt so strange!! I’m almost sure the change back to a wired bra will not be fun haha! I don’t know if i mentioned but i purchased a gorgeous underwear set from ASOS, no underwire in the bra just a simple lacey style one, and i wore it on valentines, not all night, just in the hotel, and i loved it! It felt great and the boobs looked goooood 😀 

I complained a few times, sorry, about my right boob also giving me like a stretching pain in the side, this seems to have gone since saturday! Phew, thank god!! I was beginning to loose faith in the pain ever going away, but it has, touch wood… I’ve got a new sensation though, which is referred to as zingers i think? Were the nerves are all reattaching in my boob, like, to the skin, and it feels a bit like sunburn? Like numb and ‘raw’? Like my bra is rubbing, even though it isn’t, but i just take it off for an hour or so when i go home and i’m chilling out, and it usually sorts it out a bit. Failing that i put my ice pack on it for ten minutes to soothe it. Works a treat! 

I’m trying to think of things i may have missed in my lack of blogging. So sorry if you are an avid reader, i obviously have my reasons and i haven’t felt all that great as you all know. 🙂 But i’m getting good days and bad and i will keep you updated as much as possible from now on i promise! Oh and i will add some photos tonight, if i remember, sorry haha!! All well and good chatting about it but if you can’t see what use is it haha!! 

Thanks for the support ❤ you’re all wonderful!


One thought on “Alohaaaa!!

  1. readinggirl says:

    Great to see you are still keeping us updated. I am starting to feel a bit more human now 3 days post-op but sleeping is a chore – I can SO relate to the ‘not a back sleeper’ stuff. I really hope to get as excited as you about my new girls too. I’ll be honest there has been a LOT of pain and whilst I know it is only a few days in I keep wondering if I have been really selfish doing this as my family are suffering for sure and I have become a bit of a dragon to live with 😦

    So glad you are having more bright days now – lots of good stuff too look forward to – I bet you are going to look fab on the beach this summer! Keep shining the light at the end of the tunnel for me 😉

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