I know i haven’t posted any post ops, other than the one of me in hospital, which lets face it is an awful photo. But there is a reason behind this. 

I love that i have this blog, it gives me more freedom than JBI and i can post whatever i want, when i want, about what i want, which is liberating. And not everybody wants to sign up to a forum and put themselves out there like myself, and many other women on JBI have. 

With all this being said, i feel that a lot of my blog readers are from JBI, my statistics are always referrals and i have a lot of post op pictures on there… in this sense i am thankful for the extreme anonymity as i have put my bare breasticles on there for the whole internet (member permitted) to see. 

I feel that i may put some new photos up, but they wont be nudes, as i have got my location and that noted in my profile on here, and i do know people would recognise my bedroom, my figure to a certain extent as i have always been a fitness junkie and posted progress pictures a lot! And while i’m 100% ready for you lot to see what my boobs look like… i don’t want the people local to me to see me in all my boobie glory aha! 


I will try and edit my nudes so that you can still see the difference but they’re not as incriminating 🙂

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