Outfit shopping…

I haven’t done anything light hearted and fun lately on this blog so i thought i would share with you my outfit ideas for this weekend 😀 Sorry if you follow solely for the BA posts, there will still be them i just feel like my blog has been taken over by my little bit of post-op depression this past two weeks and wanted to do something a bit cheerier, while i’m feeling happy 😀

Sooooo… it’s valentines day on friday, and although me and BF have been seeing each other on and off for 2 years this is the first valentines day we will spend together… i’m a bit gutted i can’t wear my new sexy VS bra for him yet but hey ho… few more weeks 😀
We’re going cinema, meal, drinks in town…

So… i’m just looking for an outfit that i feel good in, fits great, shows my boobs off a bit, without looking trashy, hides my thick sports bra straps, isn’t too dressy for the cinema, yet still dressy enough to go for a meal and then out for drinks (woo finally) in some nice bars….. Not asking for much then haha!

I am loving looking at all the low cut backless tops that previously i would have yearned for but never bought due to my tiny chest, but now… bring on the braless outfits!! I obviously won’t be wearing any of these on friday but i plan on buying for my birthday in march 😀

I’m thinking for friday i will wear black wet look leggings, with a new black and white shirt i just bought… probably… which doesn’t show the boobs off but definitely hides the sports bra… who knew it would be so hard to find clothes to cater for this!! I’m just stuck on shoes now because i don’t want to look too dressed up for the movies but then i want to look nice when we go for drinks… gahhh… men have it way easier, just throw on a shirt and jeans and bam… suitable for a

ny setting haha!!

ASOS Ultra Wet Look Leggings

ASOS Ultra Wet Look Leggings

ASOS Blouse with V-Neck In Mono Colourblock

ASOS Blouse with V-Neck In Mono Colourblock





















So as you can see the top won’t really show off the twins but you can still see that i have boobs cos it’s v neck and the material should fall nicely over them! So exciting haha!! Unsure about shoes as i said, but HAVE to share these amazing ones… also from ASOS (i’m ASOS obsessed) …



Sorry if you don’t like this kind of post… i am sticking mostly to breast implant discussion, but i feel like it’s been feeling a bit negative lately so thought i’d share this with you all 🙂

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