Its been a while… sorry!

Gooooood Morning! It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I’m sorry, if you have been reading my blog you will know i’ve had a rough recovery so just been solely focusing on getting better the past week or so. And i’m glad to say i am finally feeling a little more like my old usual bubbly self. I still have down days but mostly i feel good, and i feel nowhere near as low as i did this time last week. It’s crazy, i’m like a different person… still not completely myself, but a better version than me last week!!

Down to the main thing… the boobs… whats happening with the twins haha!

Well… lefty seems to be loving life and has dropped a lot since even last week, even more so since surgery which was almost 2 weeks ago!! That first week was the longest, worst week of my life, but the second week has flown. I’m currently writing this from my desk… yep, back to work this morning which SUCKS but hey, girls got bills to pay haha!! Yes… lefty… sorry i went off on a tangent… so yeah, lefty is lower than righty, and although it still feels ‘uncomfortable’ like i’m wearing a heavily padded bra, that kind of pressure feeling, looking good so far. Very happy with leftys progress. Well done lefty 😀

Righty… my dominant boob. The nuisance child in my set of twins. My right seems to be lagging behind my left in recovery terms… it was swollen still up until about 4 days ago, which would have made me 9 days post op, its definitely still higher and dare i say bigger than my left, but when i had my post op last week they said i was doing well all things considering… the throwing up mainly, as this definitely had an effect on the swelling and pain i was going through. I know i should trust my PS and Nurses, but everyone has a little worry don’t they?! I guess i am just panicking because where lefty gives me no pain, just discomfort, and morning boob, righty gives me pain pretty much all the time, like at the side where the skin is stretching, i’m hoping this pain is just stretching pain and nothing more serious, nobody seems too worried which comforts and scares me at the same time haha. Hopefully this next week will bring more changes and righty will stop being so bloody stubborn!! I’ve noticed that when i run my fingers across my incisions in the shower, my right scar feels thicker and more prominent than my left, obviously they will both go down but i feel there may just be a bit more scar tissue in righty than lefty. Hopefully nothing to worry about as all that goes through my brain is CC!! 

I will post some pictures as i think the last one i posted was me in hospital, not a great shot even if you cant see my face haha!! 

I also went out this weekend!! Which was fun, i even had a sneaky glass or two of wine, which i probably shouldn’t have but by god do i deserve it, if i say so myself haha. I woke up with some serious morning boob yesterday, but no hangover, surprising haha!!

Also had my first sleepover with BF last night since my BA… have avoided it as i’ve still not been sleeping well and we were both worried about him knocking me in my sleep so soon after, but all was well. I’ve been trying to sleep on my side the past few nights, i create a sort of box around me with cushions and pillows, lean on my hip with my chest half facing the side, if that makes any sense, so last night i just put lots of pillows on my left side and BF went on the right side of me and spooned me/ lay right next to me all night to prop that side up. Successful sleepover!! 

Not to go into too much detail but it’s a common question i’ve noticed, i had sex 8 days post op, no major gymnastics, no feeling of the boobs obviously, but it was fine, didn’t bother the boobs too much and we have had it since and still been totally fine 🙂 

Hopefully i haven’t rambled on too much, probably have but i like to be detailed yano? Of course any questions you can write me on here or if you are a JBI lady then catch me on my profile on there reefybaby21 🙂 i will answer anything you have to ask so feel free 🙂


Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me 🙂 xx

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