Why am I feeling depressed

I read about this. I read that it’s common to have a bit of depression after surgery. But it’s like in waves.

One minute im fine.

The next I’m a crying mess.

I’ve been a lot better today than I was yesterday. Thank god. I am literally the exact opposite to what I was this time 24 hours ago!

I can’t remember if I blogged last night it’s all a blur. But. I was sick all day. Like throwing up. All. Day. I couldn’t keep anything down they had to take me off all meds. Including pain ones.

Today though I haven’t been sick. I felt a bit nauseous this morning and this afternoon but it’s now 7.30pm UK time and I’m feeling so so much better. Like heaps better. I even did my mascara to make myself feel a bit more like me as I’m currently on a massive low.

Feel like I’ve been a bit deserted. But I haven’t. I think it’s just my hormones are all over the place. Can that happen yes?

😦 I just want to be normal so I can get out and about a bit more.

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