Tonight I threw up. That was fun…

The good the bad and the ugly remember…

I threw up tonight. Not sure if it’s my antibiotics or the pain meds I am on. But I felt so sick. I fell asleep about 9pm. Woke up about 12 held it in for about an hour, then I had to call my mum in with a bucket. And I threw up for about 15 minutes.

It was the most horrible experience of my life. I never want to be sick again while I’m in this much pain. It was beyond painful.

I was awake then till about 2.30am and it’s now 5.42am and I’ve woken back up.

I still feel very sick but I am trying so hard to not throw up again because of how sore it was.

The pain is mainly on the sides of my boobs and across the top. I’ve got a fresh ice pack but worried the ice I’m putting on them all the time is going to harden them haha.

Sure it won’t as the nurses gave me fresh ice packs every few hours in hospital.

This is the not so glamorous side of the boob job that you never ever hear about.

I can’t wait to be a little more mobile myself. I feel awful having to wake my mum up every few hours to get stuff for me or help me move.

A few more days, fingers crossed.

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