Woweeeee I’m in some pain right now.


Sooo like I said. I want this to be as truthful as possible and I don’t want to sugar coat it because that’s not helpful at all when you are considering this procedure if someone says oh it was all roses when really it’s not haha it may shock you when you experience pain, or worse still, worry you when there’s nothing to worry about.

So. I’m home from hospital. And I’ve just slept since I got in. I’m absolutely shattered.

Last night was the worst night ever. The pain relief they started me on was no good, and I had to have it changed to something stronger, it would have been nice to be on the morphine a little longer but hey! The nurses came in every hour to check my blood pressure. Which was a bit annoying as even though I was awake I was trying to drift off haha!! But they were lovely none the less. I had to have some toast at 2am to line my stomach for more pain relief. Thank god for pain relief.

It doesn’t ever go away the pain, but it is manageable when the pain relief kicks in. Manageable meaning. I still can’t lift my arms or anything or move about but I’m not crying and it’s not excruciating.

The pain is definitely like a ridiculously heavy chest workout at the gym. Like I’m talking 2 straight weeks on a torn muscle I would imagine. And my ribs are very sore underneath. I kind of feel like I have an underwired bra on to be honest it’s very strange.

I had to change my bra to a bigger one as I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my 34DD. So swapped to a 36DD which is a bit better. Not as tight a fit which is crazy as it would be a 34E!! Madness.

I held one of my b cup bras against my boob before hahaha. Crazy to think that usually I would bag out of that a bit. Or only fill it just on a good day, and it just doesn’t go anywhere near my nipples with my new boobs.

I can’t believe I’ve actually got them!! I’ll attach a photo of me in my hospital gown… Mm sexy… Which you can see size in, they are very swollen at the moment so they will definitely shrink a bit!! Thank god haha!!

Will update again tomorrow!!

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