The twins are here

Oh my gosh. They’re here. And huge.
Obviously they’re very swollen. I have an ice pack on them now as I’m in quite a lot of pain.

It took me an hour and twenty minutes to come round in recovery which guessing is quite long as when I came round there were quite a few nurses around me.

I had some more morphine as I did unfortunately wake up in a lot of pain.
I don’t feel like my skin is stretching very much, I actually wore a 34B bra to the hospital and I filled it out, I don’t know if I mentioned that my boobs had grown a lot since changing my contraceptive pill, good for this I guess.

But now I am in a lot of pain. I don’t want to sugar coat it. I do feel crap. It’s not like unbearable. But I haven’t ever felt pain like this before and I’ve broken my foot and my rib before.

The anaesthetist was so lovely, I was crying when I went into the theatre. And he held my hand and was stroking my hair while I was going. Then he came to check how I was before he went home which was so nice of him.

I’ve been trying to update on JBI but it’s not properly working on my phone so will have to wait till I have my iPad in a few hours.

I managed to eat some toast eventually, it took me 40 minutes to get through two pieces haha. And I had a cup of tea which was nice.

I’ve gone through four ice packs and I just want them to keep coming. Huge help!!!! I’m not really that tired now if I’m honest but I know I should try and get some sleep. It’s just a bit difficult.

My right seems way more painful than my left. I can’t really move my right arm at all. They said they will keep an eye on it. I really hope everything is okay with it!! I think the adrenalin from my anxiety is preventing the pain killers from having their full effect!!

Will update again when I feel like it!

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