Oh my god it’s tomorrow!!!!

I can’t express how fast the past four months has gone. It has quite literally flown.

It feels like last week I was having my first consultation. Not 4 months ago!!

Right now. I am feeling good. I’ve been really anxious and nervous all weekend, but today for some reason I feel a lot better. More excited than the nervous feeling!!

Got all my stuff ready for hospital tomorrow, bought new pyjamas in celebration… It’s the little things haha. They have a dark blue top and I’m kinda debating taking a white one instead. Cos obviously they show more in white. And I’m thinking that will be nice to see haha!! My sports bra feels a little bit heavy on the shoulders I’m insure if this is normal or not. And there’s not a huge cup but I guess my boobs will fit as it is a 34DD which is what the surgeon told me to get!

I still don’t know what size I’m going to end up with. I’ve had in my head the last day 350 definitely. But now after looking on JBI I’m thinking just get 375!! Who knows haha!

My admission time is 12 so I’m guessing I’m a late in the day op which is kinda annoying but at the same time will be nice to be at home tomorrow morning instead of waiting round in hospital all day!!

Will post again tomorrow or Wednesday!

Thanks for all your support guys. You’re all amazing xxxxxxxx

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