Feeling blue…


So the past few days i’ve felt pretty nervous. I’ve mentioned my fear of needles before and that is what’s making the nerves come out to play.

I think another reason is that, although i have about 8 people who are very supportive and are constantly there for me. I’m also one of a group of about 10 girls, we are all usually pretty close, and last night i reached my limit with them.

Not one of them has text me or called me or anything to see how i’m feeling. We have a group chat on our phones, and granted mines been broken for two days, but even before that not one person mentioned my operation. I know to some people it may seem like a stupid thing, but, these girls are supposed to be my friends, my good friends, and to put it bluntly they’ve been shit friends. I’m closer to two than the other 8, as we have been friends since we were younger, and they haven’t even bothered.

I’m not saying i want to talk about them all the time, i do but i wouldn’t to these girls, but in the past when i’ve mentioned it, they don’t really acknowledge it, they’re not interested, and I just feel that this has really shown who actually cares.
Last night it reached an all time high… or should i say low… and the 2 friends i’m closest to, who knew i had an appointment yesterday didn’t even mention it when they spoke to me, not even a ‘how did it go’.

I am so so thankful for everyone who has supported me on Just Breast Implants so far, honestly, if it wasn’t for you ladies i know i would be feeling very alone right now and i am so glad you are all there for me.
The women on JBI don’t know me, they don’t know my name, they don’t know much about me, but all the women i have encountered have been nothing but supportive… they don’t have to write on my wall, they don’t have to comment on my threads with advice, yet they do, they check up on me and see how i’m feeling, they give me great advice, and most of all, they offer support where my own friends do not.

Truthfully, i can’t thank you all enough. You are all amazing and i am so glad i met you all ❤

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