What a day its been… urgh

So… as you know i had another consult today to try on a bigger size as i have been toying with the idea of going up 25cc. Not much to people who don’t understand BA’s but for me it’s the difference between a small D and a big D/ small DD.

The whole day has been an absolute nightmare to be honest, it all started last night when i went the cinema, my phone fell out my pocket onto the road outside my house, and i didn’t realise…

4 hours later and my phone had been ran over by numerous amounts of cars, the screen was in absoute bits, and i was safe to say, devastated. All the pictures i wanted to show my PS were on there which was very frustrating, and i was also planning on using that as my SatNav / GPS for you gorgeous US/Canada girls 🙂

So last night i thought, right, i cant drive an hour and a bit away without a phone all day, i’ll have to buy a new one in the morning as a temp fix. WELL… this is where my problems started… My mum, has an iphone like me, contract, one down from my model but who cares?! Anyhoooo, i was hinting for her to let me borrow her phone for the day so as to not have to faff about trying to sort a new one before my appointment which was at 11.30. She never offered. I spent about an hour and a half trying to source a phone and sat nav, to only in the end, borrow my mums phone. So forked out £60 on a new phone and sim card and credit, to not even need it/ use it. Very annoying. 

Then… the frigging SatNav on iphones is usually better than my actual TomTom (which ive lost) so i thought i’d be okay… boy was i wrong, driving round my own city is hard enough with all the one way systems, but driving round a city i barely know with even more one way systems, bus lane cameras, speed cameras, light cameras, police everywhere… by the time i figured out where it was i thought sod it, i’ll park up and walk it will be less stressful. 

AGAIN… Boy was i wrong… i had an absolute nightmare, my sense of direction is pretty damn good, but even i couldn’t figure out where the iphone gps was trying to take me, it wouldn’t link my current location dot, to a route to the clinic. I faffed about for 15 minutes, walking one way, then back the way i came, over and over, until i eventually gave up as it was 11.20 and decided i was going to hail a cab. Did this, within minutes, should have done it to begin with, but then he had no idea where the office was so spent thenext ten minutes trying to work his own satnav, making me even later. 

Luckily i rang the clinic and apologised and they were lovely about it and understood that it is difficult to find when you’re not local.
Eventually i got to the clinic about ten minutes late, which they were fine with, i went straight in to my surgeon and explained everything i was feeling regarding size worries. 

I think i’ll do this in a seperate post as this is a bit long, i just needed to get it off my chest, and i’m sure you don’t really care about my shitty sat nav haha!! 

TO BE CONTINUED… in two minutes…

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