The big question…. did i finally chose my size?!

Well, half yes, half no. 

I went with the thought in my head that i was definitely going to up my cc to 375 from 350. But, when i got there, finally after my ordeal of a journey… i just couldn’t decided, again. I wanted to take my ‘boyfriend’ with me, but he was working, so i went alone as i didn’t want to take my mum… don’t know if i’ve mentioned but, i love the woman beyond words but she hasn’t been thrilled about the whole boob job idea, and if i said i wanted to go bigger to her she would just go off on one at me having a massive argument which i wasn’t looking for with my current state of mind yano? 

But alas, i went alone, and i think that’s probably why i couldn’t decide. I tried a 340 in one boob, he didn’t have the 350 but i know what thats like, and then a 380 in the other as he didn’t have a 375. And i just couldn’t make my mind up. From the side, it’s so hard to tell because with sizers and a sports bra you get the whole ‘shelf boob’ like, no curve to it, which obviously there will be when they D+F, so that’s not exactly a good judge, and from the front, honestly, they weren’t all that different. I had a squeeze and obviously the 380 felt bigger than the 340, but i still couldn’t make my mind up. I said to him ‘ i would like to be a small D, i don’t want to be a DD i feel that would be too big’ and his reply was ‘with your original choice of 350, i estimate you will be a small D, but with 375 there is a high chance you may be a DD. All different brands have different sizing so it is very difficult to say a cup size when dealing with cc because you may be a D in one brand, a C in another, and a DD in another. Whatever size you choose they are going to be big. You are a slim girl so you will definitely notice them side on, it just depends how noticeable you want them to be’ 

My reply… ‘hmmmm, i really cant decide’

So to summarise… today got me all stressed out for me to only have the same thoughts. Although at least now i’ve tried a 380 so have a proper idea of what a 375 looks like on myself. 

He also said ‘i have never had anyone come to me and say they felt they went too big, but i have people coming to me saying they wish they had gone bigger, this isn’t an easy choice so i will order both for you and you can make your mind up on Tuesday’

He is such a lovely man. Very nice and helpful and professional. 

But i still don’t know what size to choose haha. 

I think that in the back of mind right now i’m thinking, go for the 350, you would rather be too small than too big. But who knows how i will feel tomorrow, or tonight when i discuss it with boyfy.

Such a hard decision, and if you are one of the people following my blog to see what size i chose because they’re sizes you are considering i am so so sorry i know how annoying i’m being. But i will let you know the minute my mind is made up ❤ 

Well… if i have my new phone.. if not then it will be when i next get on a computer haha

Thanks for listening guys. I appreciate it so much more than you can imagine ❤

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