www.justbreastimplants.com – A GODSEND

If you’ve been reading my blog, thank you i can’t tell you how much i appreciate it :), you will see me mention either JBI or justbreastimplants.com a few times.

I just wanted to say that this site has been unbelievably helpful. The help i have received off women all around the world is amazing, and i am so so happy i found it!

I was feeling very nervous and had a few worries and doubts running through my mind at the start of January, a few days later i joined this site and since then i can’t tell you how much better i feel. It’s like a massive weight has gone from my shoulders and i have finally been able to get excited as opposed to crapping my pants about the operation!!

I was reading some of the replies to a thread i started on Sunday night, and i actually felt a bit emotional at some of the replies. These women go out of their way to help put your mind at ease/ help you make a decision / give advice and just generally be nice. It amazes me how people from across the world, who don’t know me from Adam, care so much and take the time to lift my spirits. Honestly, i’m not a soppy person but the support from the women on this site has been invaluable and i am so glad i found it.

A few members have even wrote on my page to check up on me, wanting to know how i’m feeling. Which i think is just the nicest thing. They don’t have to write to me, or find my page again, yet they have, and have taken the time to write a nice message or check up on my progress. If you are reading this blog and considering a BA then definitely check this out. If you are reading and you have had a BA, i would still recommend checking it out. There is so much help and advice on this site it’s amazing. It is the first thing i check when i open my laptop in the mornings, on my phone, and last thing i check at night before bed.

If you are one of the women on JBI… Thank You. Your support is overwhelming and i am so thankful for it. 🙂


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