Exactly one week till B Day

Oh my god. How am I feeling? Well

It’s a huge mix of emotions. Last night I was having an ‘oh my god what am I doing’ moment.

Then about ten minutes later I was back on the just breast implants forum having a look at the stats of everyone getting excited over which size.

I’m so nervous. But so excited. And so scared.

I’m a massive wimp, see very early posts re:pre op appointment 🙈, and I’ve never had to stay in hospital for anything in my life. Let alone an operation. So to be doing such a big procedure my first time is quite scary.

Ultimately I’m feeling excited. I only hope I don’t have to wait around all day, but will know my surgery time on Thursday hopefully. And as I mentioned before I’m confirming (again) my size on Thursday after changing my mind again.

I’m hoping that as it’s a private hospital my mum will be able to stay with me till I go down to theatre and will definitely be there when I come round and be able to stay with me till she has to go home. I guess if she can’t I’ll be fine as the nurses are so lovely and my surgeon is so reassuring.

I guess I just never really thought about the actual operation in too much detail because all I can think of is the end result. And I’m a huge wimp so when I think of something I fixate on it, so I have tried to just not think about that part of it at all.

I have a good few people around me who are super supportive though so as soon as I feel a worry if I express it. I’m always comforted by someone. Which is nice and exactly what I need right now.

Cuddles anyone haha?

I must repeat the mantra “I’m going to have boobs. I am going to have boobs”

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