Am I getting the right size… Second guessing. Again.

Urgh. If only we could see for real what they would definitely look like post op!!

If you’ve been reading you will have seen that I was torn between 325/350/375, but at my surgeon consultation we decided 350 would get me to a full c / small d.

All week I’ve been fine. Thinking that size is perfect. And I was so happy with my choice.

But now. I’m 8 days out and starting to think maybe I should go for 375? I don’t want huge boobs. But I also don’t want to feel like I’ve spent all this money and not ended up with how I want them to look.

Considering ringing my PS tomorrow and asking what his opinion is/ if I can pop in for a quick try of the 375cc or if he can take both sizes and I can decide on the day.

God this is so frustrating. I seem to read sooooo many comments from women wishing they had gone bigger. And now I am second guessing myself.

I know everyone says ‘trust what your PS says’ but I told him I wanted to be a full c. And now im thinking I want to be a D. I mean I guess anything will be better and bigger than what I’ve got now… Just so much to think about. I would be gutted if I got 350cc and they weren’t how I want them!! But then if I go 375 and they’re too big. I will be upset. Gahhhhhhh. Such a catch 22!! I feel like crap about my own boobs today. I’ve been wearing a very very none padded I’ll shaped bra all day and I just feel so crappy.

Thank god I don’t have to feel like this for much longer!! 😔😔😔😔

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