I’ve tried to have a day of no boobie talk

Today I vowed that I wasn’t going to talk about my boobs to anyone. Because I feel like I never shut up about them.

Not my current ones. Obviously. My new ones.

I failed. I did last till like 2pm. And then I couldn’t help myself. Does anyone else feel like they talk about their boobs all the time?

It bugs me, so I know it must bug my friends/family.

I’m a bit torn over which cc to go for 325/350 so that’s why I do it I think. To gage people opinions on what I should do. I won’t listen anyway, I never listen to what people tell me to do. But. I dunno.

And now here I am. Blogging about my boobs.

I need to think about something else haha!!

2 thoughts on “I’ve tried to have a day of no boobie talk

  1. jenniferbarry3 says:

    I have just come across your blog. I am having my op in 5 and a half weeks. Lots of it is making me laugh as it’s exactly how I feel. Do you have an email address I can contact you on please? If you wouldn’t mind? Xx

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