21 Days to go… Pre-Op Appointment

Soooo… this time in 3 weeks i will be proped up in my hopsital bed with my new boobs. I imagine in a lot of pain, but i’m certain i’ll be happy none the less.

Today was pre-op appointment. I knew that it would involve blood tests but i wasn’t 100% sure what else may happen.
My appointment was at 12.45, i arrived at the clinic and had to fill out a form with check boxes about my health. Pregnant, smoker, drinker, weight, height, BMI… don’t worry if you don’t know these things, i did so i filled them in and then waited for the nurse to call me in to carry out the pre-op.

My clinic are so lovely, honestly everyone i’ve encoutered from nurses right down to the reception staff have been amazing, they are genuinely nice people and i feel so much more at ease with them than i would with my own GP.

I went in and the nurse, who was one i hadn’t met before, introduced herself and explained why she was doing the tests and not my usual nurse, this was due to my usual nurse moving clinics across the country and i was fine, my new nurse seemed just as lovely. She asked me a few questions about my health, got to know a bit more about my surgery by asking me what i had discussed with my previous nurse and asking if i had any other questions. Checked my blood pressure… She then took my blood.

Now, i can’t remember if i’ve mentioned it before but i’m deathly afraid of needles. If i know im having one i can’t sleep for about a week before it, and with blood tests, my inner elbow (is that even a real term? meh im unsure) starts to feel funny. Someone once told me this is called being psychomatic, not sure if it’s real or how you spell it if so, but it basically means that when i see something, for example someone has a broken arm or a broken ankle, i feel strange in that area. I wouldn’t say thats entirely true, i’m not a weirdo who feels other peoples injuries like i have them, but in some ways, especially the needles thing, i definitely agree. People only have to say the words blood test and my inner elbow starts to feel weird and i have to stretch my arms out for ages haha. but yes…

I’m terrified of needles. And this one involved taking my blood out my body. I mean come on… i kinda need that! Haha. But i’ve had it before so i knew what to expect. Sometimes im not too bad and i just go a little dizzy and hot, and others i’m absolutely awful. Now team this with the fact that i hadn’t eaten since 7pm the night before (this wasn’t due to my bloods being taken i just didn’t eat haha!). I was a little faint to say the least. She took two tube fulls of it. And for the first one i felt kind of alright. Not awful, it was when i realised she was doing another tube full. I mean i don’t completely freak out and run for the door, but i’m not exactly comfortable, and i almost broke my mums hand, yes i held my mums hand… yes i am 21.

I tried to disguise it as i’m a bit self proud and hate people thinking i’m a huge wimp. But i am and i only managed about 10 seconds of small talk before the nurse said the colour had completely drained from my face and lay me down with my legs raised and sent for a glass of water. Another point to my fear of needles.

So there i lay on the bed wth my legs raised, sweating, feeling like someone should ram a chocolate bar down my throat for the next five minutes, until oila… i felt fine, colour returned to my face and i sat up.
I’d just like to point out that it doesn’t hurt, i’m just a huge needle-phobe and always have been, its just something i’ve had since i was a small child… i can only pin point one occasion that i think it could stem from but thats another story.

The next part of the pre-op involved her taking photos for my ‘before’. Exciting!! So i stood in front of a black canvas, took my top and bra off, faced the side, faced the front, faced the other side, while she took photos of my boobs… and i felt totally comfortable.
Even though i hate my boobs, i’ve never been shy getting them out… wait, i don’t mean i run around flashing everyone, or i whip my bra off at the slightest mention of my boobaysss, i just mean that as a dancer i’ve always had to deal with quick changes, leotards, revealing costumes… and let me tell you, when you’ve got 30 seconds to get out of a costume, into another, change your shoes, completely restyle your hair and run round the other side of the stage, you can’t be prudish. So, yeah. There’s that little tangent. I tend to do that, go off on a tangent, sorry, i’m sure you didn’t really need to know that i get my boobs out for strangers side stage!!

She also swabbed the inside of my nose to see if there was any bacteria/infections lurking in there. Nice.

But yeah, that’s basically it. She gave me the emergency contact details for when i’m out of surgery, gave me her direct contact for her office, and then i left. My surgeon appointment is on monday, how exciting, so i will obviously update then, and possibly before if i feel like writing something down. I definitely feel that this is a good way to get things off my chest and i feel a lot better for writing them down, even if nobody is reading!!

Oooh i almost forgot… she also said that… as i mentioned i’m getting over a bit of a sore throat, if the tests came back saying i had a throat infection she would have to repeat them next week to send off again and see if it was clear then, and then if it happened again a week later i would have to do the same thing. Which is not ideal for someone who has a phobia of needles and almost passed out. Next time i’m having a cup of tea before hand with 10 sugars, breakfast, and a chocolate bar on hand in case all that fails.

Overall i’m really excited, and the only bit i’m nervous about is the needle to administer my anaesthetic, which admittedly i won’t feel for long because i’ll be out for the count shortly after, and the pain of my skin stretching. Nice haha.

Till next week… or maybe before.. i haven’t decided 🙂


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