3 Weeks Out – The Basics of my Boob Job (Breast Augmentation)

I recently made a huge life changing decision, that decision was to have Breast Augmentation or as its more commonly known… a ‘Boob Job’. And after seeing a few videos on youtube, i thought, hell i’m going to chip in on this topic and write a blog about my experience. I’m not quite brave enough to do videos, yet, however a blog is definitely not as daunting, and as well as maybe helping someone else contemplating this procedure, is a good way for me to keep a record of my surgery, progress and general feelings throughout the whole process. 

This first post is going to be a summary of what i’m having done, and my initial thoughts/reason behind my choice.

So… first things first. I don’t think i need to explain what a Breast Augmentation is as it’s quite commonly known, however there are different kinds and ways of doing this surgery so i will inform you of the procedure i’m undergoing.

I am having a Breast Augmentation with incisions under my breast as opposed to in my arm pit, there was no option for this, though i definitely wouldn’t have chose that anyway so it’s all good. Many people are under the illusion that the procedure is done by cutting around the nipple and inserting the implant that way, however this is only the case if you are having an uplift as well. So, for example, an older woman who may have had children would likely have it done this way.

My consultation was in September, and i booked and placed my deposit five days later, booking my surgery for January 28th 2014 – 22 days away.

In my consultation i tried a few different sized implants in, i cant remember the sizes of the ones i didn’t choose, but the ones i thought looked the best at the time were 325cc. This isn’t confirmed until my consultation with my surgeon on January 13th. And i think that i will probably take it up to a 350cc as after doing a lot of research, and making my own rice sizers, i think that once in, 350cc will give me the desired look i am after.

There are also two different places the implant can be put. It’s either under the muscle or over the muscle. (The Pectoral Muscle). Over the muscle tends to be for people with bigger breasts naturally, and can risk looking more fake. Don’t forget the implant is basically a round bag and the less tissue you have over the top of it, the more you will be able to notice it.
Under the muscle, which i am getting, creates a more natural look as the muscle covers the implant more than just your breast tissue would. Under the muscle is usually preferred by people, like me, who have small breasts, therefore less tissue.

I’m having it done through a reputable clinic, and i will go into hospital on the tuesday and come out on the wednesday. I know of people who have had the operation and gone home the same day, however i feel like this is the option i prefer as it is a major operation and i feel that staying overnight in hospital makes me feel more comfortable and i would much rather be cared for by the doctors and nurses for the first 24 hours than struggle at home.

So basically, thats the basics of my operation. All the important details. Now for the rest.

I don’t feel like i have to justify myself as to why i’m getting a boob job. But i’m obviously going to tell you.

Ever since i was 15, i am now almost 22, i have always wanted to have bigger boobs. I’m not talking Jordan or Pamela Anderson size, but at least a c cup would have been nice, thanks for nothing mother nature! And i always thought they might get a bit bigger when i got older, but, sigh, they never did. It never massively started to affect me until i got to about 19/20. I had had a long term boyfriend from the age of 15 – 19 so had never really felt insecure about my body. I mean i always wished i had bigger boobs but it was never a huge issue until we split. But once we split up and i met someone new, as soon as things started progressing and getting more serious, the first thing that i would think of is, oh god, i really don’t want to take my bra off.

I have never ever felt pressure off anyone to get a boob job. Ever. I would never do something just because of someone else’s opinion.

But, when i started seeing the person i am currently seeing,  about 2 years ago, i began to seriously think about it. I hated taking my bra off during sex, i felt self conscious when i lay down, as the cups of my bra would ‘gape’, i would never wear a bra unless it had at least one cup size bigger padding, but it was almost always two cup sizes bigger padding. He has never ever made me feel that i need a boob job. He has never said anything negative about them, and i wouldn’t be with him if he did. But this is how i started to feel. None of these feelings are like me at all. I am very body confident other than my boobs, so to start feeling like this was to be frank, shit.

As time has passed i don’t mind taking my bra off during sex, and i don’t always wear padded bras when seeing him, but my breasts still bother me.

Last august i went on my fifth girly holiday to Zante with 6 friends, and before i went i was searching everywhere for padded bikinis. It was then that it dawned on me that i wanted to do something pronto about my breasts. I had always thought of surgery but always said i would probably get it when i was 25+. But the last 6 months it has bugged me unbelievable amounts and honestly since booking it i haven’t been happier. I am so excited about never having to wear a padded bra again, being able to wear dresses with no back and not worrying about how im going to pad my chest out, without the ability to wear a bra.

I genuinely couldn’t be happier that i am having this procedure and although very nervous, i am so eager to see the results!!

Some people have been negative about my decision, mainly a friend who i thought would be very supportive, but at the end of the day, its MY body. Nobody else’s, and to be perfectly honest, if you can change something about yourself that is making you extremely unhappy why shouldn’t you?!
If someone is morbidly obese and wants to loose 15 stone, then good on them. Go for it.  Maybe not the exact same thing but, the thought process is still the same.

Just because someone is happy with their body, doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way.


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