22 Days till B-Day

Excuse the pun haha!!

It’s 22 days away. This feels so surreal. I honestly cant believe how quick it has gone since my consultation wayyy back in September.

My feelings day to day vary from ridiculously excited, to ridiculously scared.
Which obviously is normal.

I’ve never had an operation before, and i’ve never stayed over in hospital other than once when i was very young, which obviously i can’t remember. So to be going into hospital for a procedure this big is a very daunting thing. If I said i wasn’t scared it would be a tremendous lie and i’m not going to do that.

I find that i often think most about it of a night time, more specifically when i am trying to get to sleep, typical!! Which has resulted in a lot of late nights/restless slumbers, but it’s not going to be for much longer.

My 2 biggest worries are:

1. The needle to put me to sleep. Yes. Really. I’m having a huge operation, somebody cutting into my body, and i’m worried about the pin prick before hand. But, alas, this is true. I’m massively afraid of needles, so for me this is a huge thing. I’m going for my pre-op tomorrow and i’m probably more scared about that than i am the actual thing. Well… not quite. But still!

2. The pain afterwards. I don’t know of many people who have had boob job’s, only 1 that i could properly talk to about it, and everyone judges pain in different ways. From what i can gather, it hurts. A lot. Some say it’s like your skin stretching, which it is, and others say it feels like you’ve done a very very intense chest workout in the gym. I would definitely prefer the latter, but will probably suffer with the first as i’m a 34A/ small 34B and going up to hopefully a small d so thats 2 almost 3 sizes. Which isn’t going to be pain free is it.

And i think that’s probably it. I mean, i have this huge worry that i might go to sleep and never wake up, but that’s probably the result of watching too many horror films.  And i’m going to be in good hands, but, a little worry is normal so i’m trying to think calming thoughts. And when that fails. I’ll use this to let them out.  Whilst trying not to scare anyone at the same time haha. This could be fun!

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