Wow, it has been a loooong time since i posted, again. Which i’m s
And i thought i’d come on and do a little update!

I have been craaaaazy busy. I qualified as a Personal Trainer and started my own business. Cut my hours in my regular job to part time. I got a job in a gym, and started to build up a client base. I started my own womens only weight lifting class every week with 20+ women attending and i am about to leave my safe, secure job for full time self employment. Life has been CHAOTIC to say the least!

I am absolutely shitting my pants about leaving a secure, guaranteed income every month but i cannot tell you the relief i feel knowing i’m about to be doing something i love full time instead of ‘just a job’.

I’m not going to say i’ll 100% be writing more posts because i literally have hardly any free time at all butttttt… i’ll try to keep the blog somewhat active!

I’m almost at 100000 visitors which seems absolutely mental to me. I started this blog as a way of venting before my surgery and to document my recovery so it’s crazy to me that so many people read it! Thank you to each and every one of you, love you all





Gooooood Afternoon!! 

God I am SO busy lately I don’t have chance to write anything which is so sad 😩

Since getting back from travelling I feel like I just haven’t stopped. I’m doing a course in work, a course outside of work for Personal Training, working 9-5 5 days a week, training in the gym, training my mum in the gym, and topping that off my sister is about to give birth.
Busy busy busy!
I still get a lot of traffic and I want you to know I really appreciate it. Every person who feels like my advice helps them I am so grateful for you!!

I’ll try and write some posts as I do have loads of ideas still!! It likely won’t be until I get some time off in August but I will try I promise!!

Hope you’re all okay!

As always please feel free to message me: boobjobjourney@outlook.com

Loveeee you allllllll



Life always gets in the way

I know I was going to upload. I know I always say this. And I know I’m useless. I have a good reason this time though I swear… I was in hospital.

Unfortunately for me I had kidney stones last week. My. God. I was happily washing my hair on Tuesday when the pain hit me. And at first I thought it was period pain…

I can’t remember if I have ever spoke about it on my blog but I get severe period pain. To the point where I throw up, can’t move, am basically doubled over for the entire first day of my ‘period’. I say ‘period’ because I’m on the injection and take the pill so I get mainly spotting now. All the time. So I never really know when my actual period is meant to be. 

Anyway… I thought. Wow this is a severe episode. Took some ibuprofen and got into bed with a hot water bottle. Five minutes later I was sick. Then again. Then again. Then again. This continued all night long and at about 3am after  night of crying my eyes out double up in pain, I thought no enough is enough this isn’t normal something isn’t right. 

My parents were on holiday on a cruise, my brother was at his house where he has no signal, and my sister had her phone on silent. So I drove myself the hospital. Yep. Drove myself. 

Looking back I can’t actually believe I drove in that much pain, I basically was pushing the hot water bottle into my stomach the entire time. Anyway, as my luck with hospitals isn’t great… I got hooked up to a drip, had some IV fluids, some IV paracetamol and some IV anti-sickness, had bloods taken and got sent on my not so merry way back home. No scans. No nothing. Crying my eyes out unable to bare the pain. I was literally sat doubled over crying and crying and they still sent me home. At 9am. 

Fast forward to 12:30pm and I was in the exact same state, except after 18 hours of pain I was getting to my wits end. An ambulance was called. Gas and air was given. Morphine was given. Anti sickness was given. Everything under the sun was given to me. So much blood taken again. And I was finally admitted.

I’ve never been happier to hear the words ‘we’re keeping you in overnight’. Honestly I thought I was dying. I thought my uterus must be exploding. My ovaries must have ruptured. The doctors kept saying possible ectopic pregnancy. Never been so grateful to be admitted to hospital.

Four days later I was finally sent home after scans and tests and told I had had kidney stones. I don’t know how many of my readers have ever had kidney stones but. Holy. Fuck. The pain. It was as bad as breaking the five bones in my back. I honestly thought my time was up. A lot of nurses said the pain is compatible to child birth… I no longer want children…. 

Kidding… sort of… hahaha 

Anyway. I’ve been resting up over the weekend and I’ll try and get the bikini haul posted but I just thought I should let you know I’m not being my usual flaky self. I’ve had good reason I swear haha!!

Also if anyone has had kidney stones before did they have some soreness for a few days after? I’m still a little sore, it’s definitely bareable but I just wondered if it’s normal. I’ve had mixed opinions so want some from you girls!! Comment or contact me on all my usual links!
Thanks for sticking by me even when I’m shit.

56500 of us!!!! 

Love you all

Where am I? 

I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I don’t post anymore. Where I’ve gone and what’s happened. So I thought it was about time I updated you all!!

Nothing bad has happened to me. Thank you for the concern I love you all so much you make me feel so loved ❤️

I’ve just been working my butt off 6 days a week every week since like September to pay for travelling. I leave in 21 days I am SOOOOO excited. I have bought A LOT of bikinis this last few months so I’ll be doing a bikini haul for bigger boobs post. It’s just finding the time. When I’m not working I’m in the gym and when I finish the gym I come home, go to bed and do it all again the next day.

I will try and do it this Sunday for you all!! 

And I have to upload scar progression photos for a reader I haven’t forgotten about you!!!! 
Love you all!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Things to remember in your 20’s…


I’ve seen articles similar to this circulating the web, and every time i always think ‘i’d add this to the list’ or ‘they should have put this on the list’ so i thought it was time for me to compile my own. Spending a lot of time on my own this year really gave me chance to ‘discover’ myself a bit better and i feel like i’ve changed a lot, for the better. Cheesy i know, but never the less, true. And i do feel like this year i’ve grown so much as a person and i’m feeling more like myself than i have in a very long time. Here’s my list…

Fear of failure will stop you from growing.
If you’re scared to try something new because you’re afraid you’ll fail, you will never grow. A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing will ever grow there. Push your boundaries, do one thing every month that scares you. Trust me, it’s exhilarating and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

Make time for yourself… alone.
I see it everywhere ‘you need to be comfortable on your own before you can be with someone else’ and i’ve never felt like this is more true than in recent months. It can be daunting to be alone but once you’re comfortable in your own company you’ll feel a lot better. Needing to be around people 24/7 isn’t healthy and isn’t feasible. Spend some time by yourself, you’ll learn to love it as much as i do.

You do not have to have your life figured out by the time you’re 25.
I think that society in general puts this huge pressure on young people to have everything figured out by a certain age, and if you don’t fit the mould you’re considered a loose end/failure. YOU ARE STILL YOUNG. So what if the girls you went to school with just got married at 24 or have their own houses with their fiances and you still live at home with your parents. Who cares if you’re not in your dream job… there is always time to make a change. You have your entire life ahead of you still. Thinking you should have it all planned out will kill your dreams and make you miserable. You do you, boo.

Your goal in life does not have to be ‘get married, settle down, have kids’
Leading on from my last point, where i’m from people have very little desire to leave, they grow up here, marry a local, have kids, settle down for the rest of their lives in the same place. And that’s fine. But it’s not for everyone. If that’s what you want to do with your life that’s brilliant, but there are people, like me, who don’t have these aspirations. Sure i’d like to get married and have kids one day, but there is so much of the world to explore that staying in the one place for my entire existence just doesn’t appeal to me. And that does not make me a failure or a burn out, it makes me, me.

Do something you’re passionate about.
This is a massive one i think everyone should take on board regardless of your age. As children we’re told the sky is the limit, you can do anything you want to do. But as adults we’re told we need to ‘grow up’ and ‘get a proper job’ or ‘dreams are for kids’. Why? You can spend 40 hours a week slogging away at a job you hate, and then go home and complain about it. Or you can do something that makes you happy. I’m not saying quit your job, you can if you want to pursue something you’re passionate about instead, but even something small. Make time for something that really exhilarates you and makes you happy at least once a week. There’s more to life than just paying the bills.

Look after your health…
This one is often drilled into us by doctors and healthcare professionals, but i don’t think enough people take it on board. Don’t do it for other people, do it for yourself. Do you really want to reach a certain age and be plagued with health problems caused by being overweight or unhealthy? If you want children do you want to be trailing behind them at the park, or unable to take them on fun adventurous days out because you’re too unfit? Looking after your health is about more than vanity, it’s about making sure you’re healthy and will benefit you in the long run. Trust me… if i hadn’t been as fit as i was when i had my accident, things would have been a lot worse and i might not be lucky enough to be walking today. Look after your health. You’ll thank yourself later.

Make yourself the priority…
Something i’ve learnt over the last year especially is that you should always make your own feelings and well being a priority. This is something i neglected to do in the past and although it’s nice to be a nice person and consider others once in a while, you should always be your number one priority.

Let go of toxic relationships…
Friends. Boys. Anyone… You do not have to be around anyone who isn’t your cup of tea (or coffee). You realise as you get older that you don’t have to be friends with the girl everyone loves but you can see is a huge ass hole. You don’t have to stay with someone just because you’ve been together a long time. If something is toxic, get rid. Simple. It might be hard at first but you will get over it, and you will feel 100x better in the long run.

and finally…

Everything happens for a reason…
This is probably one of my most used phrases. Sometimes life is shit. I’ve had enough the last two years to last me an entire life time, but i still believe that everything happens for a reason. One door closes so another can open, and when you feel like you’re in the worst time of your life just remember this, things will get better. You won’t feel like this forever and a year from now you’ll look back and be grateful for the shit times because they make us stronger. You will come out on top and where you are is where you’re meant to be in this exact moment. Everything has a way of figuring itself out, and the sooner you accept that the happier you’ll be.

Big Love to all my readers, i can’t believe there is 45 thousand of us on my little blog!!

You’re seriously amazing.



Wanderlust… an Update…


You’ve probably noticed i’ve been a bit MIA the last four weeks or so. And i have reasons for it i swear!

I’ve been so mega busy… i went to Paris recently for 8 days to see my best friend who lives there. I had such a ball. I definitely did not want to come home at the end 😦




I did a post a few months ago where i spoke about my sudden desire to travel and DO something with my life… After having the worst year i’ve ever had, breaking my back, i really just needed some sort of change, something to look forward to and so this is it.

Another of my best friends moved to Melbourne on a 1 year working holiday visa in July, and we always spoke about me going out to visit… Australia seems a little far for just a two week holiday though right? So i’ve decided to stretch it out and make a full blown go of it. I’m going to be travelling for a total of 6.5 weeks. I’ll be starting my journey in Melbourne where i’ll meet with my friend and her boyfriend, and then we’re going to start our trek up the East Coast!

So far i have a list of stops i want to make, and a rough itinerary for Australia where i’ll be spending a month, two weeks with my friend and her boyfriend till we get to Fraser Island then two weeks solo travelling up to Cairns… and then its onto…


I feel like so far that’s the part i am most excited about, mainly because it’s pretty much all planned. I booked onto a tour called the Bali Experience, which is 8 days and involves lots of cool activities, with a group of around fifteen 18-35 year olds, such as boat parties, island hopping, surfing and sunset parties. As well as some cultural visits to temples, a school, a market, and a coffee plantation! There’s also island hopping on a boat and i’ll end my tour in Gili where i then have 8 days to chill out before flying home, if i want to come home haha… I am SO excited…

The best part about it is that i already have my itinerary for Bali/Gili so i know that on my birthday next year i’ll be surfing in Bali and then a boat party watching the sunset on the seas in the evening. Talk about celebrating 25 in style. It will be a HUGE contrast to 24 which i spent in bed all day in a back brace. #birthdayinbali haha!

I can’t explain how excited i am to go, and excited that i get to take you guys with me. I’ll be blogging the whole of my trip and… maybe… VLOGGING!!

I’ve been thinking about ‘revealing’ who i am for a long time now. It’s something i’ve always kept private with my blog but i do feel like you guys would like to put a face to this site, the face behind the boobs haha! Being anonymous is mainly to keep my privacy because with this being a boob job blog there is some nudity and i obviously don’t want everyone i know seeing my bare naked breasts. However… this is something i’m considering so it may happen next year some time! We will see!

Regardless, i’ll definitely be sharing photos and videos on the blog!

Anyway that’s me all caught up! Regular boob posts will resume shortly! In the mean time…

Do you have any trips for solo travelling? Have any of you guys done similar trips before? Or are any of you from Australia and have some suggestions of where to visit?! I’d absolutely LOVE your input on this as i am both nervous and excited!!

Love you all


Why does technology hate me?

My mobile phone. Hates me.
My Tablet… also hates me…
My Laptop… for some reason even though i haven’t been a traitor and moved to mac… Hates me…
Auto Save… that definitely hates me. I can’t tell you the amount of times it hasn’t worked and my laptop has crashed (told you) and i’ve lost all my work.

And now… emails. I’ve been a bit quiet on the emails from you guys lately and i thought, hmm that’s strange, usually i get contacted all the time. So today i opened up my Outlook App, refreshed it, and boom… it’s had me logged out since i got my new replacement phone almost 2 months ago (see told you)

So apologies if you’ve emailed me i am going to log onto my emails now as soon as i’ve written this post, and get back to everyone.

And then log myself back in on my new phone. which hopefully, will cooperate haha.

Happy Saturday Guys and Gals

Love you all


Common Misconceptions – Boob Jobs


Since having my breast augmentation and writing my blog, i have come across a lot of common misconceptions/ myths surrounding ‘boob jobs’. So i thought i would turn them into a blog post. This isn’t me saying they’re not valid questions… they are… but i do think a lot of people who circulate these myths/misconceptions don’t have any knowledge of breast augmentation, and i’ve found that its typically those who have no interest in getting a BA, or who are negative about cosmetic surgery that have the most to say.

1. Tear drop implants are the best for a natural look… rounds are fake looking and only people who want the ‘fake’ look get rounds….
Okay so… probably going to be the biggest explanation for this, and this one i’ll forgive because you would think that a teardrop implant (known medically as anatomical) would provide the most ‘natural’ look when getting implants. And in some cases this is true… but typically in cases where there is a lot of breast tissue to begin with, and i hear a lot of reconstructions are done with anatomicals. I think a lot of people hear ‘teardrop’ and think that means the implant will be like an actual teardrop shape from the front… like this…

tear dop
when in actual fact i would say ‘teardrop’ refers more to the profile/projection of the implant. What i mean by this is that the actual implant has a flat base and the projection resembles a tear drop… more volume at the bottom of the implant, less at the top, like this…

anatomicalIn someone with little breast tissue to begin with, like myself, a teardrop implant would not be ideal. The reason for this is that with little breast tissue to cover it, the top of the implant with less volume would look flat and  it would give me lower pole fullness but no upper pole. A lot of people think round implants mean they’re going to stick out and give you a ridge at the top of your breast… this is simply not true. When you hold the top of a round implant the volume increases at the base, whilst still maintaining some upper pole fullness… it actually resembles a more tear drop shape when positioned this way, which is how it is positioned in your breast. I will try and get hold of an implant to show you exactly what i mean, but hopefully you understand.

2. Implants come in cup sizes.
I feel like i’ve really beaten the drum with regards to this haha but i just can’t stress it enough. You do not choose your implant size based on cup size. Repeat after me… implants don’t come in cup sizes… seriously this is probably my biggest pet peeve, and i know it’s not most peoples fault, if you don’t have any BA knowledge you’d think they would come in cup sizes, but cup sizes don’t equate to implant sizes. For example i am a 30FF with 375cc implants, but someone with 375cc implants might be a 34D or a 32D, it depends on your body, band size, height, weight… there are literally so many factors to your cup size… and different bra manufacturers do different sizing so you may be a 30FF in one shop and a 32E in another. Implants come in CCs and you should try and get it into your head when going for a consultation that you want a certain ‘look’ as opposed to a certain cup size.

3. ‘You have to have your nipples cut off and stitched back on’
Another one that i get allllll the time is ‘don’t you have to have your nipples cut off and stitched back on, isn’t that how they put the implant in?’. There are 3 types of incision for silicone implants, 4 for saline (i’ll do a separate post on this). Nipple/ Periareolar incisions are not the only choice, and there are different incisions available, mostly your incision placing will be based on what type of surgery you’re having, eg implants and areolar reduction or certain types of breast lift involve periareolar incisions, but it can also be dependent on your surgeons training. Nipple incisions can make it more difficult to breast feed… which leads me onto my next misconception/myth…

4. You can’t breast feed with breast implants
This one makes me want to bang my head against a wall and i get this the most out of everything. ‘You’re never going to be able to breastfeed’ ‘women with breast implants can’t breast feed you know’ ‘i take it you don’t want to breastfeed then if you got implants’… deep breath… HAVING BREAST IMPLANTS DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANT BREASTFEED. As i mentioned in point 3… certain incision types, ie periareolar incisions, do heighten the risk of difficulty when breast feeding later on in life, and you may want to consider another form of incision or a lactation specialist if you have this kind of incision and want to breast feed… but it doesn’t mean to say if you do have this type of incision or breast implants in general that breast feeding is impossible. Breast augmentations do not involve the milk ducts, there is a greater risk of damage to the milk ducts with periareolar incisions because they involve cutting around the nipple, but inframammory (crease), transumbilical (belly button) and transaxillary (armpit) incisions have little risk and most women have no problems breast feeding after their BA.

5. If you’re young you don’t need an uplift.
Okay, you’re age literally has nothing to do with your need for a Breast Uplift with your implants. Nothing, at all. True uplifts are usually carried out on older women, but not solely. You could be 23 and go for your consultation and be told you need an uplift as well as implants. Natural breast tissues sags. It’s life… i don’t know what us women ever did to gravity to deserve it but it’s life. People with more breast tissue than others will be more susceptible to this sagging, people who have lost weight may see a decrease in breast size, and a ‘sagging’. People who have had children and breast fed will likely see some sagging. And that’s what determines your need for an uplift. You could have B cup breasts naturally that are a little on the saggy side, and you may need an uplift when you have your implants otherwise without an uplift and removing the excess ‘saggy’ skin, the breasts are just going to ‘sag’ even more with the increased weight. (The word sag/saggy is starting to loose all meaning now)

6. You have to have them redone every ten years.
Probably the second most common myth/misconception and, after the breast feeding comments, the one i get the second most. You do not need to get your implants changed every ten years. Heck you don’t even have to get them changed after 20 years if there’s nothing wrong with them. The only reason you would need to change your implants/ have them redone, is if the implant fails or there is a problem. Mostly the only reason people change their implants after time is if they want to go bigger.

7. Breast implants are made with mattress fluid/ dodgy silicone and if they leak you can die.
No. No. No… just… No. You get some cases of implants containing ‘mattress fluid’ and being dangerous and now everyone thinks all implants are contaminated. Not the case. Breast implants have to be FDA approved, this means ‘The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examines, tests, and approves a wide range of items for medical use, including drugs and medical appliances. In the simplest terms, “FDA approvalmeans that the FDA has decided the benefits of theapproved item outweigh the potential risks for the item’s planned use.’ If they aren’t, don’t go there… seriously, there are more than enough implant brands out there who are FDA approved for you to not need to go for ones that aren’t. Implants can ‘leak’ they can rupture. But most implants are designed so that if they do rupture it is ‘safe’. Saline implants are the most common to rupture/leak/burst, however the saline is usually absorbed into the body with no problems. You can notice a saline leak usually straight away because the implant will deflate and your breast will change shape and size. You should still have this sorted as soon as possible even though usually it is not harmful. Silicone implants that rupture tend to go unnoticed as there is usually no change to the shape or size of the breast, but again, there is usually no real danger when this does happen. Your implant sits in a pocket/capsule which is surrounded by scar tissue, and usually when a silicone implant ruptures the silicone will stay in this pocket. In some cases you may experience some pain/swelling or changes in the feel of the breast, eg the ruptured breast may feel harder than the intact implant. Usually if there are no symptoms, people adopt a ‘lets see how it goes’ approach, but others may decided they want the ruptured implant removed and replaced straight away, but again… there is no real danger, unless the silicone manages to escape the pocket/capsule. But that’s another post.

So there you have it, what i think are the 7 main misconceptions/myths that i personally encounter on a regular basis, surrounding breast augmentation.

Please do remember i am not a medical professional, and i don’t claim to be, these are my personal views/opinions. A lot of what i know i have gained from extensive research on breast implants and breast augmentations, but you should always consult the advice of a medical professional over me.

Hopefully this post wasn’t too long and wordy, but i do think it’s important stuff that i’ve covered! Let me know if you have any questions or if there are any blog posts you would like to see, you can get me on my usual contacts:

boobjobjourney@outlook.com or @boobjobjourney on twitter.

Alternatively you can contact me via the ‘contact me’ form on my ‘contact me’ page!

As always, love you all and thanks for reading!



Life Update!


Hi Guys!! I know I’ve been pretty absent the last three months on the blog, so I thought I owed you all an explanation as to why.

If you didn’t already know and are new to my blog, in February I broke my back. Yup… really… I broke five vertebrae and subsequently had to wear a back brace for three months (see earlier posts). So that SUCKED, big time. But I got out my brace about six weeks ago now and I’ve been in physiotherapy since then.

As well as that, I finally returned back to work, I started doing half days, then gradually built it back up and now i’m back full time. Things are busy so I rarely have a minute to myself during the 9-5, and then when I get home i’m usually doing physio or absolutely whacked so I lie in bed.

Some days I actually feel like a pensioner! I still have restrictions from physio as to what I can and can’t do. I’m not allowed to go for a run or anything high impact, I’m not allowed to lift any form of weight, and i’m definitely not allowed to return to aerial just yet!

I am however making good progress and she said hopefully, all being well, and after a thorough examination, and if I continue my progress; doing my exercises routinely… she thinks I may be able to do one aerial class a month as of the end of august. I cried when I got back in the car after that appointment… after so much drama and feeling like shit it was nice to have good news, as originally it was estimated the end of the year.

I’m still unsure as to how my back is going to hold up when I do return to aerial, but I will return. People keep asking me if i’m scared or put off by this. And I’m not. I mean of course the first few times I get up on that hoop or the next time I do partner work i’ll feel a little weary, but that will fade. Fear is temporary and will only affect you if you let it. And i’m choosing not to. Freak accidents happen all the time… sure what I was doing did heighten the risk, i’d be stupid to say it never… but it wasn’t the most difficult thing I’ve done in aerial or double work in general, and it could happen at any time to anyone. You can’t live your life on ‘what ifs’.

So my recovery has taken up a HUGE portion of my time.

I also mentioned in an earlier post that I was feeling really down about the whole situation, and honestly blogging was not the right thing for me at that time. I still have bad days, but for the most part I’m doing a lot better… two weeks ago after my physio appointment where I cried, I felt like myself for the first time in a long long time, and that was a nice feeling. It’s been the hardest year of my life but i’m finally getting better and I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully this continues!

I’ll be taking a break to Paris again this year, I leave in three weeks and I cannot wait to just be with my best friend relaxing and doing some sight seeing again… also, as I mentioned in my last post, i’m going to Australia in January! I wrote a post about how I was having feelings of wanderlust and another of my best friends recently moved out there, so i’ll be going out to stay with her and staying for around 6 weeks… I cannot wait.

Isn’t it nice to have things to look forward to!

Where are you guys going this summer?

So there you have it… pretty much up to date on my life. I hope you understand the lack of posting, and don’t hate me for it haha… sometimes you have to just take a step back and really ‘discover’ yourself. Remember it’s always good to take some YOU time.

Hope you’re all doing amazing… any ladies getting their boobs this month let me know in the comments or drop me an email at my usual links and let me know your surgery dates!! I really do love hearing from you all and although I’ve been useless the last few months I promise i’ll be better!!






Lip Fillers – Update!

Gooooood Morning!

Okay, so… I didn’t upload Sunday, i’m sorry. You probably know but the weather in England has been absolutely amazing this last week or so and you know us Brits… we’re so used to rain, wind and dreary summers, I decided instead of sitting in my room hunched over my laptop I would take the dog to the beach and get some fresh air and exercise… Hence the lack of Sundays post!!

But… here we are… an update!! If you’re late to the party, have a read of my last post regarding my filler experience.

So… Two months since I had my fillers, what’s changed?

Well… the swelling went down dramatically over the first few days, and they eventually settled and felt completely normal again after about a week. People keep asking me ‘do they feel different to normal lips’ and my answer is no, they don’t, they feel exactly like normal filler-less lips… I’ve also been told by ***ahem***a male***ahem*** that my lips don’t feel any different to kissing someone without fillers and that he can’t tell the difference.

Before / After 1ml

How do I feel about them? I still 110% think it’s one of the best things I’ve done… The main reason I wanted them was to ‘fix’ my side profile… my under bite has been the bane of my life since it was pointed out to me by an orthodontist when I was at the tender age of 14… It gave me a huge complex surrounding it and I am always conscious of it in photos. I even considered jaw surgery to correct it, but I am super conscious that this can change your appearance drastically so I decided to test the fillers route first.

Am I happy with the size/profile? Yes absolutely.. but… It’s not that i’m not satisfied with the work… I really am and I do LOVE my new lips.. it’s that I have that classic niggle that comes, I think, with most cosmetic procedures… even a boob job… I want more


No but seriously… I spoke to some other girls with fillers and they all said the same thing… once you start you’ll want more… and I thought ‘nahhhh i’ll be fine, I know when to stop’… and to some extent I do… when my purse strings are pulled tight, and I don’t want to look fake… so I haven’t actually acted on my desire for another 0.5ml… yet…

I have a small face… I wish I could actually show you guys, I just don’t want people I know recognising me and seeing my bare breasts all over the internet haha hopefully you understand #anonprobs … so I know I would have to be extremely aware of this if I choose to get more filler… I just want a little more, possibly half a ml, I think I would have to contact the clinic and see what their views are on it as I don’t want to destroy the undetectable look I have now. Most people I know can’t believe I’ve had filler as it’s so subtle.

The biggest change in my opinion is my side profile. My bottom lip no longer protrudes miles in front of my top, and they definitely have a more balanced look to them. My side profile looks 100x better which was my main goal.

Another thing I would say is that my cupids bow is definitely more defined than it was. I still have a slight unevenness to my lips (see first photo), I noticed it once the swelling went down, but again this is definitely genetic and to do with my jaw, nothing to do with the filler! It’s also undetectable unless I point it out, and even more so when I wear lipstick!

Before. 1 day after. 1 month after

The good thing right now with the size that they are currently, is that I can honestly say I can play them up and down. If I put lip balm on and I use a lip scrub before, they look bigger. If I don’t and they are a bit dehydrated and I haven’t encouraged blood flow to them😂, they look smaller… but they are definitely bigger than they were.

This has 100% upped my confidence… I no longer feel consumed by paranoia that when someones looking at me from the side I look like i’m sticking my bottom jaw out, and that is all I wanted from it!!

So… overall… I LOVE my lips… but I do want more! Whether I actually get more is a different topic entirely… i’m currently saving for a big trip to Australia in January (i’ll do a separate post updating you all on my life) so all my extra pennies are going on that at the moment… but we will see… maybe i’ll splurge and treat myself! I’ll keep you posted!!

I’m sorry the blogs been so sporadic the last six months or so… as you can probably imagine I’ve been concentrating on my recovery and everything else has pretty much taken a back seat, but hopefully i’m back, and i’m thinking of some more changes to the blog so keep your eyes peeled for them!

We’re also almost at 40000 of you lovely people… I am absolutely gobsmacked, truly, it used to amaze me that even one person read my blog and now to have nearly forty thousand readers is just… I have no words…

As always, thanks for your continued support, especially when i’m a useless blogger like the last six months! I will strive to do better!!

Love Always